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Vision Day 2019
When someone asks ‘What is your plan for 2019’, do you cringe? Does your heart begin to palpitate? Do you suddenly feel overwhelmed or guilty as you struggle to answer a seemingly basic question? Even if you are one of those people with a plan, has it materialized? If not, have you wondered why? In this workshop, we explore the difference between having a plan, and having a powerful vision. As Steve Jobs aptly said, 'Your time on this earth is limited; don't live someone else's life, live by your vision.' So if we are to live by our vision - how do we identify what that vision is? Still don’t have an answer? The More To Life Vision Day may be able to help. During this workshop we will: • Explore what we think we ought to be doing or achieving • Examine what is really important for us • Let go of what hasn't worked • Make the course-corrections that need to be made to help you connect with your hopes, ambitions and dreams for the coming year. The end result will be the creation of your personal vision board to help serve as a visual reminder of where you're heading. Your vision for your future can start here. Consider joining us this January for a fun + connecting event to start the year! Friends and family welcome to come with you. Admission covers supplies and light refreshments.

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What if everything that happened in your life was guiding you to your highest potential?

Instead of living out of old habits that don't serve you, learn how to discern the guidance that is coming to you from life at every moment, and inspire you to bring your best to everything you do.

For over 30 years, More To Life has been offering More To Life helps people learn from life. More To Life delivers workshops that connect people to their true selves and to all the wisdom and fulfillment on offer from LIFE in every moment.

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