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*I started a men's group while living in the Bay Area, I have slightly changed our charter to fit the group I am creating here in Utah.

MoreMen Rising Leadership:
Forging an Evolving Masculine Paradigm

This group’s MISSION is to evolve the old, traditional masculine archetype from a limiting, toxic, and unconscious model to one that integrates and balances the following five pillars: (1) mindful intellect, (2) emotional intelligence, (3) physical embodiment, (4) deep spirituality, and (5) conscious, primal sexuality. Together, these foundational elements comprise the archetype of a New Masculine Paradigm (aka: NMR Masculinity 2.0, or NMR M2.0).

We achieve our mission by pursuing four key STRATEGIES:
1. redefining what it means to “be a man” in the 21st century
2. growing into, practicing, and exemplifying the new masculine paradigm as individuals
3. developing ourselves as potent leaders capable of teaching other men how to evolve
4. evangelizing, propagating, and integrating Masculinity 2.0 philosophy and practices into our society at large.

Our mission, strategies, and the actions we take are founded upon a bedrock of values and beliefs that comprise the culture within which this group operates. This culture revolves around honesty, integrity, evolutionary growth, potent responsible leadership, effective communication, and a deep reverence for the health and efficacy of our tribal brotherhood. We treat ourselves and one another with deep respect and unconditional high regard, while simultaneously supporting and challenging each other to grow beyond our current limitations and perceptions. In causing this transformation, we are profoundly committed to the group, our mission, our cause, and to one another.

As the result of our accomplishing our mission, we ENVISION a 21st Century culture in which men and women are committed allies and powerful partners who share political, financial, social, and sexual power and in which men are whole, complete, fully integrated, self-actualized expressions of a bold, new, evolved masculine paradigm.

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