Be more creative and communicate better using LEGO Serious Play.

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45 St Georges Terrace · Perth

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Riff is on the Ground Floor, 45 St George Terrace. Can't miss it!

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All work and no play make Jacques a dull boy. Don’t be like Jacques. Let your inner grownup sleep in on May 29th, because this one’s going to be a little bit different!

To get the best ideas flowing in your team, you can do better than talk and sticky notes.

“The way we’ve always done it” for meetings and workshops works really well for some, but not so well for many others. To get the absolute best out of our teams when it really counts, we need a fresh approach that taps in to an organisation’s collective intelligence, that engages everyone creatively, and that drives really powerful conversation.

If we can do it with a big pile of LEGO in the middle of the table, so much the better!

On May 29th, join Joel Birch from the Very Serious Business Co as he demonstrates the power of LEGO® Serious Play®, a method for harnessing the full range of expertise, creativity and perspectives in your organisation to solve complex problems. It’s playful, it’s fun, everyone leans forward to contribute, and the insights can be profound. The LEGO bricks themselves are the medium to build and express complex ideas through storytelling and metaphor. It unleashes creative energy, modes of thought and ways of seeing that most adults have forgotten they even possessed.