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Hello again dear JUGocans ;)

We're back again for some great content, learning, networking and sharing experiences about java and related technologies, software craftsmanship, technology trends and more!

Session description:

we've all been looking for that good set of technologies that makes web development easy and fun again, enter P.A.S.S (Play Angular Scala Slick) which is a webstack that takes advantage of the power of scala and the libraries built around it.

P.A.S.S doesn't come with just a fancy name, it also bring all Scala Goodness, immutability, lazy evaluation, pattern matching, type inference just to name a few.

We even took the pleasure to make a code generator to make it even easier for anyone to use these set of technologies.

In this session we will make use of generator-pass to create a new P.A.S.S project, add modules to it, and dive in to the code discussing the code structure of the project.