90 min trail ride


If you have never ridden a horse before please do not sign up for this ride, you need to be able to control your horse without assistance. Sign up for the 45min lesson 45min trail.

Trail Ride Only - $70 This is a great ride for those that are comfortable around a horse and have ridden before. The min age for this ride is 12 years old. This does not include a lesson. When all riders are mounted we head out for the trail. You will be given brief instruction on how to stop and steer the horse you are on. This trail goes thru the woods, meadow, grasslands, wetland over look and urban views. All Trail rides require a reservation made through our calendar and a non-refundable $5 booking fee. Please allow 2 hours of time for these events. They many be less or more depending upon the group. This time includes registration (filling out paperwork), helmet fitting, assigning horses, mounting, lesson and or trail ride . All minors require a form signed by their parent or legal guardian. ( no exceptions )

Make sure you show up at least 15 min before the ride starts as we like to start as close as possible to the scheduled time, once we start any class or ride we will not stop to take in late arrivals . You will need to re-schedule and the booking fee is not refundable if you are late .
Please remember we do have a weight restriction 220 lbs. This is for the safety of you and our horses.