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Imagine how powerful it would be for you to operate from your Sacred Self that is filled with Divine Love, Joy, Peace, Beauty, Creativity, Intelligence, Motivation, Success, and Abundance. Where are you with regard to what you are positively attracting in your life? How would you like to break your own barriers and experience more of what you want? This group gives you a safe space to explore and go deeper within to create positive changes on the inside and to see progress on the outside. We are looking for people who are interested in holistic health, energy healing, intuitive development, self - development, spiritual development, law of attraction, healing, philosophy, psychology, creativity, manifesting, and creating a positive environment that is supportive to empowerment. The group is for people who want to participate in events to reinforce :wellness, ,focus,truth,growth,alignment,purpose,abundance,manifesting,love,and your connection your Divine nature. You have a unique path that contributes to your wellbeing and to the world. When you are aligned to your truth you can create powerful results in your life adding to the joy and happiness of you we are. As you interact in a world that is filled with different experiences you are called to maintain your center to the best of your ability.

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Raise Your Spirits! Do you want to know if the soul lives on? Do you wonder if your loved ones exist in a place where they can still reach out to you with love, comfort, and guidance? Attend an authentic séance online from the comfort of your own home, hosted by gifted psychic mediums Marion Julia Hedger and Debra Huelsebusch in our Zoom video spirit parlor, and discover the answer! Our true spirit mediums were born with the uncanny ability to connect with your loved ones on the other side. Our departed yearn to reach out to us from beyond, and our psychic mediums have helped thousands of people reunite with souls who have crossed over. How the Séance Works Each online séance begins with a blessing, during which participants are guided in a meditation to help open the way for spirit to come through. Using the gifts of spirit mediumship and by tuning in to the faces of the Zoom participants, your psychic will sense the presence of your loved ones and see, hear, and interpret their powerful messages from beyond. Please remember to enable your video! We recommend you hold an object worn by the departed to strengthen the connection. While not everyone may receive a message, all present will encounter the wonders of the spirit realm and discover that death is not the end, but merely a doorway to the next world! Cost:$30 https://www.onlineseance.com/

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