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Welcome, Young Grasshoppers! This group is for fans of NetherRealm Studios' iconic aforementioned game franchise and tabletop RPG enthusiasts.

Ever wanted for there to be a MK tabletop game? Now there is! Under construction by yours truly, it's everything you know about the series - so far anyway - and more. We'll be playing it at a game cafe either in LES or Brooklyn when things get back to normal.

It uses the Wushu: Black Belt Edition rule system, which you can download for free. Inspired by bit-elements of X, the old 3D era, and more by 11, the gameplay involves creating a character from one of 36 homebrew but lore-friendly races, leveling up from different approaches of the chop socky and ultra-violent scenarios the series is known for.

Don't worry; Humans and Tarkatans are here too.

There is no particular one-and-only campaign, and I'm willing to hear what ideas along the lines of that you guys have! New Timeline from Black Dragon's perspective?
Want to defend the Shaolin HQ against The Horde? Let me know.

On another note, we'll also be seeing the Mortal Kombat reboot movie when it comes out Elder-Gods-Know-When.

I am looking for folk who can co-own and organize this group! Emphasis on "co-own!" I'm not always available in times unlike now.

And just to keep things orderly:

- You can create up to two characters per campaign, and claim ONE canon fighter. Claiming Scorpion, Kenshi, etc will be first come first serve.

- Things won't be like Arcade Ladders or PvP. At least for now. While it would be dope, I have to look into what the book says, if anything. And if not, I'll think of a way to incorporate the Ladder.

- Due to the current pandemic - and it's somber to comply to this - there will be no physical meetups until Meetup gives the okay. Not with masks on to talk face to face, nothing. I will see if the links Meetup gives for online events will prove helpful.

Until then, join if you want, comment if you wanna become staff, etc.


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