Dineh Medicine Man Philmer Bluehouse

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Dine' Medicine

Man, Philmer


Join the Community

for a special evening

of teaching from

Philmer Bluehouse

of the Dine'

(Navajo) Nation.

With hiis welcoming and open spirit Philmer Bluehouse invites you to come and lend an ear in sacred space and shares "The Dineh Healing Paradigm-Road Map of Healing." Philmer will use the oral teachings along with the sacred use of crystals and sand painting in sharing with us this awesome road to healing.

Suggested Donation at the door:

10.00 to 20.00 Depending on your means!!!

Private home at:

917 W. Sahuaro Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85029

For questions call Andrew Ecker at[masked]

Philmer Bluehouse's Bio:

Philmer Bluehouse’s professional back ground is in the field of Criminal Justice where he ascended to the Position of Executive Director of Navajo Division of Public Safety in 1989- 1990. He specialized in Criminal Investigations and became a Criminal Investigator for the BIA for 7 years before 1989 and presented many Felony Cases to the US District Courts in the District of Arizona and New Mexico. In his role as a Navajo Enforcement officer he became a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and other duties in that field.

He Designed, Developed and implemented the Navajo Peacemaking Program as the Director of Navajo Nation Judicial Branch, Peacemaking Division under Chief Justice Tom Tso and remained in this Position from 1990 through 1999. This Program became an International Icon. BLUEHOUSE has taught Navajo Tradition and Culturally based Peacemaking at Universities such as UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, Michigan, Montana, MIT, U of South Pacific, Cambridge in the UK and other places. He has lectured to many Professional Groups and Associations in the Field of Indigenous Based Mediation and Peacemaking. He currently Consults to Agencies and entities in this field and has been named the Expert in the area of Using Indigenous Cultural and Traditional ways in Conflict and Peacemaking. He has been involved in Social Justice, Criminal Justice and strongly advocates for the use of Dinĕh Traditional and Traditional ways in resolving conflict and helping people to heal using these ways. He believes our aboriginal knowledge of healing is used in our Justice Ways and has repeatedly remarked that the “Navajo knowledge of Justice is a Healing Way and not a Punitive Way.” He also believes, “Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is Healing.” This he advocates for in his teachings and presentations.

BLUEHOUSE has done extensive research in the Dinĕh Culture and Traditions and teaches in the area. He is a Traditional Medicine Practitioner who advocates for the Dinĕh aboriginal knowledge and application of Healing. He uses the Sacred Mountain Bundle (Our Aboriginal Constitution), Protection Paraphernalia, Mountain Tobacco, Corn Pollen and Diagnosis Ways. He also is an Herbalist in very limited and specialized root digging and applying it to patients. Through this practice he has become stronger and advocates for the Protection of the Environment, our sacred ways and to help to Heal. He is an advisor to the Dineh Hat’aathlie Association, an association who preserves, promotes, protects and uses the Navajo Healing arts which has existed before the arrival of Europeans, NAC and other systems on the Navajo Territory.