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GMAT - start practicing and get organised
I suggest a meet up to get the ball rolling. topics of conversations could be - Text books for self preparation Online resources suitable for practice Where you plan to study for the MBA I can help out with the maths side. Within the first sessions I will have practice materials, to help get your mind working. hopefully meet ups could be every two weeks. Serious GMAT dudes and dudedesses could meet more regularly. who is up for it?

Needs a location

What we're about

To prepare for the GMAT test (or GRE), meeting in central Moscow.

To improve maths skills, share ideas, resources available and strategies on the GMAT. To help each other. It's possible to prepare for the GMAT yourself without paying for a course from a test prep company, instead prepare yourself with guided study by this club. More fun this way :)

I am a native English speaking mathematics tutor in Moscow and can do *some* tutoring of the mathematics, I am learning about the GMAT curriculum. (The meetup is free)

Ideally meeting Weekly near Pushkin or Red Square, for 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

A condition of joining the group: That you want to prepare for and intend taking the GMAT test. (i.e. you are not offering commercial services in this sphere). It's ok if you want to talk about future MBA course stuff as well.

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