What we're about

People who practice calisthenics, yoga, dancing and interdisciplinary movement explorers need a place in Moscow, where they can regularly meet, exchange ideas, train together and just meet each other (it's not like there is a whole lot of us around). Join the group and we can make this possible.

Everyone who is genuinely interested in exploring movement and physical training can join. Regardless of your strength and experience. Even if you never heard about this stuff before, but it seems interesting, you are welcome here.


Some other good cues, that you belong here:

* You know that touching your toes isn't the same as having a good pike (and yours always needs some work, huh)

* You use the squat rack to do pull-ups, and the Smith machine to do horizontal rows

* You can't help assessing other people's postures in a subway car

* You always look for a place to hang you rings (man, it really shouldn't be that hard!)

* You are a member of GMB Posse, an imaginary friend of Ido Portal and a spiritual grandchild of Georges Hébert (yeah, I just copy pasted his name here)

* You know, that Kelly isn't a girl's name

* Sometimes you want to move to Australia, so you can train outside all year round (and maybe go to a Kit Laughlin's workshop)

* You cry, when Lachlan doesn't stick the landing and the medal goes to some eleven-year old

* You are the sunshine in my liiii-fe. Dum... dum dum dum

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