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Please Note: The last day of this group is Closing 4/19/2019.

Namaste / Namaskaram 🙏 (meaning: the light in me salutes the light in you). Welcome to the Mostly Free, Free & Some Paid Meditation Retreats Meetup Group.

Together we will explore fun free and paid meditation retreats to get our meditation practice, Or to experience different forms of meditation in fun settings to find the right one for each of us.

*PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME RETREATS WILL REQUIRE YOU RSVP THROUGH THE INSTITUTION’S WEBSITE. *They must have a head count for food etc. So you will RSVP to their email / website links in order to attend. *If attending, please confirm through this meetup group as well, so the group organizer(s) / admins know to show up : )

We will learn traditional meditation practices, walking meditation, breathing techniques, Ayurveda cooking, yoga, chanting, go hiking, sightseeing, eating and more of ancient Indian teachings. The classes are taught by monks, nuns & certified Yogis and Yoginis.

Some retreats feed a gifted vegan or vegetarian or $10 per meal. You will know which are free ... And you can always have your food in the car or backpack etc. Please be mindful of where you are allowed to eat and when. If so, keeping food in the car is a good option : )

Most retreats are from 8am-8pm or from 9am-5pm usually Saturdays. Some are around 10:30 am Sundays at local Atlanta temples where they are serving a Chai tea prepared by monks / nuns and a vegetarian spread. Some are in TN (3hr dr) and others are in the Atlanta Metro area.

During these times you can come and go but always read the emails for ground rules to respect the organization.

This Meetup Group is to have others on your journey to finding your own truth, explore spirituality, discuss experiences, topics, & knowledge.

These temples, monasteries, institutes, operate as non for profit centers. They continue these free programs through donations / love donations.

Please “Chip In” for Meetup’s subscription costs, research, time and effort to continue this Meetup Group.

Now for the side note...
This is a Meetup. In no way is anyone responsible for anyone else or their property, unless prior to Meetup already a legal guardian, spouse, caregiver, etc. The Organizer, admins and members of this Meetup Group are not responsible and carry no liability for any pet, thing, possession, or person of this group while in this Meetup Group’s activities or outside of this Meetup Group’s activities.

Boundless Light 🙏🌟💛

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