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Sorentinos at Sally Tomatoes

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Sally Tomatoes is the kind of place that I would join a group like this to find out about. I actually did find out about it from someone in the group, someone who gets out a lot more than I do. It's in a complex of buildings that was built to be the Rohnert Park campus of Hewlitt Packard which is exactly what it looks like. Like the Ace Cider Pub, it's an odd duck of a venue. A building that was built for one thing has been re-purposed for something completely different. Unlike Ace, though, space isn't a problem, this place is huge. They have live music once a week or so and on Friday the 28th they have the Sorentinos, one of our best local bands. If you've never seen them you can check out their website and listen for yourself. Their homepage describes their music as "Retro Rock & Roll" but they're not a cover band, Danny Sorentino writes most of their tunes and they self-produce their CDs. It's a high- octane band that's easy to dance to in a place where there's no shortage of room, if you're into that sort of thing. Show starts at 8:30 but we will get there a little early to "meetup", there's no cover charge.


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