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• What we do Toastmasters is a non profit educational organization that helps its members overcome the fear of speaking. You'll gain confidence to speak in front of other people in a really supportive way. • What to bring We give you a guest packet and you'll need to bring a pen and also money if you'd like to buy breakfast. Coffee is free. • Important to know This can be a life changing opportunity to increase skills. You won't be sorry you came!

Denny's Restaurant

5525 Sepulveda Blvd. Burbank & Sepulveda · Sherman Oaks, CA

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This is a wonderfully supportive group of people who started out scared to death to say anything in front of a group of people. Most of us are still scared, but we have gained enough confidence to stand up and speak in a way that makes sense. Want to talk to your boss at work and not sound like Homer Simpson?? This is the place. Every person at every meeting has some kind of speaking role. You will learn to listen and speak effectively. Toastmasters can change lives - it results in receiving raises, getting promotions, winning your kids in a custody battle or just answering questions without sounding silly. This is a place to practice and fail, and learn from your failures. Failure breeds success. Do it here, not at work! We meet every Tuesday morning 6:50am - 8:30am. Guests always welcome. Visit us and see what I mean - we are so friendly! Each of us has been in the same place you are right now - don't be too scared to pass through the door to greater success. We'll be there to help you! We provide a very practical, hands on program!

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