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Most of us get to a point in our lives in which direction might be required.

As for me I went though a huge amount of loss and health trauma, which lead to a debilitating daily anxiety. I couldn't get from A to B for a number of years unless X Y and Z were in place. I was in a bad place, with multiple health problems and a debilitating phobia.

Until I went on and trained in MLP (neurolinguistic programming) where I learnt a huge amount about myself, what made me anxious, how to solve problems in a different way and how to get the most out of the life I had. I qualified as a Coach and am hereby sharing the 10 STAGES and techniques that I used that got me through a radical mental (and physical) transformation, by setting goals to achieve the life I wanted.

During this afternoon session I will speak about certain elements of NLP and the 10 STAGES that helped me along the way. Also if interested, allow you to discuss what your own goals are going forward and what tools you might use yourself to make it work.

This could be anything from low level anxiety, a phobia, or a frustrating health condition that you are looking to make steps away from or just look at through a different light. The venue will be at Canada Water Studios.

Any questions email me on jacqui@jswenson.coach or www.jswenson.coach

DISCLAIMER: Coaching is something that is used alongside other therapy, not as a replacement. I am not an expert on your life, I will only guide you to use your own resources to begin to address the issue you are facing.

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