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This group is for those who seek self-education aimed at enhancing the quality of life, personal development, Business, employability, self-discipline, talent and potential. Business, Career & soul-centred Personal Development Meetup Group is beneficial to those who want to develop themselves with like-minded individuals.

You can look forward to Meetups and workshops that look to cultivate the following:

Intention setting: Taking the time to set clear intentions for the year, goals, projects. This has a tremendous impact on efficiency and focus. Set clear goals and work smarter, not harder.

Positivity: Negative thinking is remarkably destructive to both working environments and creative thinking. With a proactive outlook, you will spend less time dwelling on what went wrong and more time looking ahead to what can be done better.

Distancing Emotion From Reaction: In a professional/ personal l setting, it is tremendously important to avoid the pitfall of hasty emotional reactions. Solid decision-making means taking time to pause, reflect, and weigh consequences before proceeding.

Developing Rational Decision-Making: Learning to think through complex problems in logical and methodical ways will make you a profoundly more effective leader in the workplace, business and life.

Lowering Stress: Stress ruins judgment. It is contagious. And it stifles productivity. lowering stress will impact your life business and career on every level

Focusing on the Present Moment: We often become tangled in the unproductive web of reliving the past and trying to predict the future. Focus on what matters in the present moment and put your effort toward what you have the power to change.

Networking & socials: Meet Like-minded people, network over drinks, dinner and more.

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Set life goals you can achieve & make 2021 the best year yet ONLINE MASTERCLASS

“Setting goals is the first step from turning the invisible to visible.” Tony Robbins Dont let a pandemic or national lockdown stop you from setting your most important life goals for 2021 and beyond! Goals give us purpose, direction and clarity and so If you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through life with no real idea of what you want? Perhaps you know exactly what you want to achieve, but struggle or have no idea how to get there. Maybe you have it figured out but want to create a clear roadmap for success. Whatever stage you are at get a head start on you your life goals for 2021 at Set life goals you can achieve. What we Explore • The facts & Myths about Goal setting, and why the result is 1% of Goal setting • How to get out of your own way: Mindset, Environment, Habits and choice Architecture • How to Set Goals you can actually achieve: Process, Systems and Goal orientated Habits • How to stay fiercely committed to your goals • Set Goals during session ask questions around your goals Format 1. First Half: Reflection 2020 in focus & highlights and lessons learnt 2. Second half: Mindset & Goal setting What Included - Connect with like-minded individuals online - Masterclass Summary & Flipbook( Sent Via Email ) - Live Masterclass & Access to unlimited replays Via Crowdcast - Personal Growth Digital Recommended Reading & Video List - Safe non-judgemental space ( You will not appear on-screen only the facilitator. About Your Facilitator, Della Michelle is the founder of Love Yourself Anyway where she creates and facilitates life-changing emotional wellness and personal growth programs for individuals, workplace and schools. " Hi I am Della Michelle, I am curious about the human condition, and my work explores, The power of the mind & emotions, self-compassion, resilience courage. What holds us back? What makes us thrive and how to live a life we are inspired by? Everything I do is a product of my wellness journey to find more about how I went from pain to purpose visit www.loveyourselfanyway.co and while you are there sign up for weekly personal growth insights and motivation"

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