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Salton Sea Grand Prix 660-Mile X-Treme Endurance
ATTENTION RACERS: If you're even remotely considering attending this race it is imperative you book your reservation at the BRAWLEY INN immediately. I just learned there's a rodeo cattle call this weekend in Brawley, and rooms are going to be scarce to nonexistent. As of 7/17/2018 at 11:35am there were rooms available. Call NOW: (760)[masked]. An MSI Racing License is MANDATORY. The cost is $20.00 New Combined Classes: a) Light-Weight Division 49cc to 299cc TIM GRON/Suzuki AN200 4t (Seneca, IL) ALAN SPEARS/Gilera "FXR" 175cc 2t L/C (Cedar Glen, CA) b) Maxi Division 300cc to 650cc STAN SCOTT/Suzuki AN400 (Tucson, AZ) c) Vintage Division 49cc to ? (Must be a "shifter") RACE PROTOCOL: Any breach of this Protocol will result in automatic disqualification! START/FINISH: The Brawley Inn, Brawley, CA 1. Pre-Entry Only. Racers MUST officially pre-enter, and sign the required liability waiver prior to starting the race. 2. Riders. The only person allowed to ride/operate a scooter or cycle entered in this race is the designated entered rider. 3. Engines/Repairs. Engines and chassis mechanical maintenance and repairs must be effected while the scooter or cycle is stationary. No “rolling” repairs on a trailer or in a van. No engine swaps allowed. Rebuild it, but don’t swap it out. 4. Driver’s License. Riders MUST carry a valid State-issued driver’s license at all times, properly endorsed for a motor-scooter. 5. Scooter. Rider’s must complete the race on the scooter he/she started on, entirely under the scooter’s own power. NO SWITCHING RIDERS OR SCOOTERS! Any tailoring, trucking or towing, other than AAA Emergency Roadside Service to the nearest safe haven such as a scooter or motorcycle shop, will result in automatic disqualification. Rider’s caught cheating will be barred from future MSILSF races! If you break down, immediately take a “selfie” of you and your racer, and send it, together with your precise location (and GPS coordinates if possible) to: the Chief Tech at: [masked]. This is a MUST DO! 6. Busted. Vehicle Code violation citations issued by any State Trooper, Highway Patrolman, Deputy Sheriff, Policeman, or Public Safety Officer must be presented to MSILSF Chief Tech Inspector Dennis Rowe immediately after obtaining the Finisher Time Stamp. A citation for a moving violation, such as speeding/unsafe speed, unsafe passing, DUI or reckless driving, may subject the rider to disqualification. 7. New License Policy. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY all active MSILSF X-Treme Endurance racers are permanently exempt from annual dues. Said racers will be issued permanent plastic card unrestricted pro racing licenses. Inactive racers will be exempted and issued a license upon request. Similarly new recent racers will be exempted and issued a license a license upon request. New racers who have not raced in a MSILSF X-Treme Endurance Road Race must, starting with the Salton Sea Pre-Race Race/Salton Sea Grand Prix, pay a US$20.00 fee for the issuance of a Restricted Racing License. 8. Race Route: Riders must complete five (5) counter-clockwise long* laps around the Salton Sea. A long lap is one that takes you through Brawley, CA. 9. A trophy shall be awarded to the 1st Place Overall Winner. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Trophies shall be awarded in each of the aforementioned combined classes. Commemorative participant medallions shall be awarded to all participants. 10. Reserved Right. MSILSF reserves the right to revise this Protocol. The MSILSF logo is a State of California Registered Service Mark. All MSI logos are protected by U.S. Copyright All rights reserved.

The Brawley Inn

575 W. Main Street · Brawley, CA


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Motor-Scooter International, now in its seventh year of x-treme motor-scooter endurance racing, remains committed to testing the limits of riders and their scooters. As one of our event posters bluntly says: Many scooterists talk about extreme endurance racing, but very few actually do it. If you feel that you have what it takes to engage in competition riding, and that your scooter is up to the task, by all means consider joining us for go at the road.

My software is a little different because I'm the so-called organizer of this, but the first thing you have to do is join this meet-up. You don't have to pay any money to join. You may do so on a trial basis. But if you pay the $10.00 dues fee to join, you will automatically receive your plastic photo-ID Racing License. Please send a bust-shot pix to this e-mail:, with 'LICENSE" in the subject box. Once you are issued a license, you're exempted from further dues. The portal to join the group is: After you join the meet-up, go to the Message Board, and scroll down to the last couple of posts (by date), and read them.

You enter a race by giving your RSVP at a given race portal. For example, to enter the California Coastal Cannonball, click on the link of that particular meetup, and RSVP. You have to pay the entry fee to perfect and complete the RSVP.

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