What we're about

This is a group was created to meet and discuss various aspects of exercise, physical fitness, health and wellness. I will be hosting various free one hour seminars coming soon at the Moorestown Library.

Topics to be covered will include -

Fitness and teaching members how to choose a personal trainer, exercise correctly through proper form and technique, losing weight, adding muscle, healthy eating, achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, debunking and exposing fitness industry gimmicks and quackery and correcting health and nutritional mythology.

Who Should Attend -

The target audience is anyone new to exercise and fitness or people with varying degrees of knowledge or experience with working out but failed to achieve their goals in the gym or anyone that is simply confused and overwhelmed. Can't lose weight? Does the gym intimidate you? Don't know where to start? Wondering if those products do what they claim to? Have an injury or chronic pain and need guidance? Do you really need to beat large tractor tires with a sledge hammer or run a 5K mud trail to get healthy? This is for you.

What This Group Is Not -

This is not a group for business networking or health and fitness professionals seeking to find clients. This group is not for currently certified fitness professionals or anyone with very strong/advanced knowledge and experience in fitness and exercise. Please leave the limited room and resources for those that need it most.

To find out more feel free to email (CuttingEdgeFitnessStudio@gmail.com) or call me at (856) 437-0025.

Upcoming events (1)

First Group Meeting

Moorestown Library

Hello all members, Our first meet is set for May 30th at 7:30 pm at the Moorestown Library - Meeting Room A. RSVP will begin on April 15th and end on May 30th. Space is limited so I'll ask that members who are certified or extremely knowledgeable, experienced and educated in physical fitness or those who are just curious, to please give your seat up to those that need it most. Thank you.

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