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Hi Friends! Everybody's invited to experience gentle, relaxing acupuncture in the community setting. If you never had an acupuncture before then this is a good way to be introduced to the modality. If you had an acupuncture before then you know how relaxing and calming the experience can be. Our meditation room is big and we easily-comfortably will fit 20 people as they comfortably lie down on the comfortable meditation mats, sit, recline or semi-recline. When everybody assume relaxing positions I would insert thin needles mostly in the ear region, turn on relaxing music allowing everybody to relax and/or meditate. If you will enjoy your acupuncture experience and would like to have more events like this please donate at the end of the session. Joyful wishes for all Friends, Lana B. Suggested donation $15 only if you like it.

Zhya Lee Community Center

1228 River Rd. · Mount Prospect, IL

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Flow of Vital Energy or Qi or Prana or Chi is often compared to flow of river. As river flows smoothly without hindrance, obstruction, force and reservation, self-generating and self-sustaining, a person’s energy must be like a river otherwise there is a pain, lost of balance, illness and distress. With this meetup we be honored to grow our community of people who would like to improve their flow of Qi thru practicing of TAI CHI and QIGONG MEDITATION; Group HYPNOTHERAPY and ACUPUNCTURE; Out of the box WINTER SWIMMING with the group of experienced swimmers; Drinking Healing Teas and Mingling. We are planning to schedule lectures on any subject that may lead to improvement of daily life and spiritual development. All events will be grouped together – creating MINI-RETREATS. Members and friends will be able to participate in all of them or choose the ones that inspire. If you would like to know more, here is our sister meetup "ALL ABOUT QIGONG AND MORE...", website - and FB page

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