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This group is about a new and different kind of FUN! You believe in fun too, don't you? What a great city this is, including its potential for much more. This meetup creates a space where we can join together to make it even more happy and healthy. Our main meeting place is easy to find between City Hall and the Mount Vernon East station. When we connect to learn how to intentionally focus our conscious thoughts on how we would like this town to blossom into 2014, we create a powerful force for good. Many visualizing and working together can achieve more. We'll think and act in ways that are positive and leave no room for the negative in our minds or lives. We will: -learn powerful but simple techniques to knock out serious problems, e.g., depression, PTSD, addictions and phobias. -seek to contribute to a loving environment which is where the deepest healing happens. -practice communication tools that are based on respect and empathy (aka Non-Violent Communication). -share our ideas, ways of coping, and questions about anything impacting the quality of life for the community, our families, or our selves. -share all these things with anyone in the world who has been searching .

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FREE! Soft launch of my workshop!

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Beliefs put into an action plan....

Empowerment Center

Invest in yourself with the offer of the year. Learn The One Command.

The Barclay Apartment Building / Brian Alterio's place