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A group for people of all ages to meet up for movies at Century Cinema 16, perhaps grab a coffee or food at a nearby cafe afterwards to discuss the movie or just get to know each other!

As this theater is reserved seating, I recognize this presents a problem for all of us to sit together. My plan is to purchase my ticket as early as possible and post which seat I have reserved so that others can try to purchase nearby seats. If anyone has suggestions for how to manage this, please message me.

As this theater doesn't post their schedule until the week before, we do not always have an exact movie or time until then. Please be patient and know that I will be post the exact time (and sometimes the exact movie, as it is not always guaranteed that this theater will have the movie we plan to see) as soon as the theater has posted their schedule. You can always opt out once this information is available if the movie doesn't appeal to you. As for time, I try to always schedule them around the 12-2 PM hour. If anyone is interested in hosting an evening outing, please message me and I will gladly set it up and make you a host!

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