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Skills Ride: Log Hopping II:Intermediate: Logs on climbs, descents and step-ups

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Welcome to another TakeAim Cycling Skills clinic on log hopping. This will be good for riders who took last weeks log hopping session or intermediate riders looking for the next step in getting up and over things.

This session will review initiating the front wheel lift through pressure control and move on to the front wheel lift through a modified wheelie/ pedal kick.

Once people start to understand getting over a log on a flat ground the need to move towards getting over logs on uphills and downhills is the next situation we often encounter on the trails.

Do any of these things happen to you when trying to get over logs? You jam your front wheel. Go over the bars. Slam your chainrings or rear wheel. Make it over a log but are no longer in control of the direction you want to be going. Come out and we'll work on the proper techniques that will make your log traveling smoother and more controlled!

Bonus benefits! The skills you learn from good log hopping techniques will translate to other areas of your riding experience! Skip along root sections and controlled technical climbing are just two of them!

We will meet at the Belmont Plateau and work in the fields with some trail riding if it is not too wet. This session will be two hours and is limited to 7 riders. The price will be $30 a person.


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