What we're about

An open ground guided meditation in a covid free environment keeping in mind social distancing to manage stress, overcome depression and anxiety, mental health improvement, brings happiness and relationships improvement on top of scenic mountain.
This meditation will guide you through releasing energies that are no longer serving you but being held in your body. You will then be guided, under the Sufi e Kamil, to connect with your Higer Power (Higher Self/Source/God/Spirit) to receive a message that will serve and support you on your journey forward. You will fill the space of release with this divinely inspired message in order to fully embody the energy of that message, and carry it with you always.
Take in a deep breath...

...and release

Picture yourself at the top of a mountain, sitting in a comfortable spot

Take in another deep breath as you can see soft white clouds floating by...

...Release, letting go of all the days tension and stress

As you watch the clouds drifting in the sky, you feel yourself growing calm and relaxed

You feel a gentle breeze blowing across your skin, this is soothing the tense muscles in you face and neck

Take in another deep breath, inhaling only positive...

...and exhaling all the negative and tension

You feel the warm sun above your head

The sun is warming you from your head, down your shoulders and back, all the way to your toes

See the white light around you, it encompasses you.

Know that in this white light you are always protected

Take in another deep breath...

...and release

Ask the God to help you with messages and remember to always thank them for doing so

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