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A warm invitation to join us as we gather just like women throughout the ages has done. Gathering together to deepen our connection to ourselves, each other and the sacred. Offering our support and receiving nourishment. Honouring our unique and creative expression as we welcome who we are and all that we may become.

Movement Medicine connects you to the wisdom of your moving body. We journey within an immersive environment held with captivating music and clear guidance. Through the embodied presence of our dance we experience our creative potency and deepen our connection to life.

This is what participants say:

"For me, the Women’s Circle is a warm, safe, womb-like space that I can be completely myself in. I can honour where ever I am physically, and how ever I feel, through the dance, encouraged by Mira’s grounded and supportive guidance. Mira holds this space with deep sensitivity and passion. I feel witnessed, able to connect to my womanhood, and share this precious time with other women in the dance. Thank you, Mira, for creating this beautiful circle that we, as women, can come home to." - Susan

"With Mira’s gentle support I’ve been able to transform old and limiting beliefs I held about myself. In the freedom and creativity of the dance, I‘m discovering more of my true potential and evolving into a place of owning and shining my own light." - Asija

"Mira has an intuitive understanding of movement and transformational process. She creates a safe, sacred space in which to connect deeply with your own body’s wisdom. I have often surprised myself with the energy and insights I’ve accessed under her attuned guidance. Resistance and inhibitions melt away and I am transported by the evocative music to a place within where I can dance with all my being." - Kate

"Thankful for Mira’s sacred space holding. Feeling transformed after dancing in her Movement Medicine class last night. Grateful for your precision and grace as a teacher. You freed up a space for deep internal reflection, connection to ourselves, each other, our collective history, opening to life in the present and the possibilities awaiting us. It was a truly moving and profound experience. This is beautiful medicine and the music is delicious!" - Rachel

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Movement Medicine Women's Circle - Alchemy of the Heart

Dear women… A warm invitation to join us as we embark on a journey to free our hearts and embody the power of love. Kabbalist’s talk about the three- plaited candle representing body, heart and mind. When these are aligned the light of the soul can fully shine. In this workshop we will creatively explore the four chambers of the heart - a Movement Medicine map that invites you to take a dance journey through fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion. As we move with the energy of these feelings we can begin to change our relationship to them and transform the lead of our personal stories into the pure gold of an open, clear and strong heart. No longer needing to keep parts of ourselves hidden or feel controlled by our emotions, we build a strong foundation rooted in the wisdom of an awake and aware heart. When the heart is free and connected, we can direct that energy towards creating our dreams and embodying compassion as a healing vibration into the world. Gathering with a group of women like this, is a true gift. The feedback has been that the sense of safety created, allows the women to drop more deeply into their practice. We gift each other with our presence and strengthen our feeling of connection and belonging. The workshop is a creative weaving of movement and dance, art and ritual. Bring together these modalities of expression, offers - richness and depth. For more details: http://movementmedicinewithmira.com/event/movement-medicine-womens-workshop-alchemy-of-the-heart/ Booking is required. Limited space. Hope you can join us :)

Summer Solstice Movement Medicine Cacao Ceremony

Needs a location

Dear Women, a warm invitation to join us in ceremony. Bring your husbands, partners, brothers, friends. This event is open to all :) In ceremony we are invited to connect to a much greater force. We bring our intentions, ask questions and listen deeply to what arrises from the intelligence of the moving body. We gather resources and inspiration and dancing to become conscious of what we are unconscious of. The ceremony becomes an embodied and creative prayer as we dance for ourselves, each other and the wellbeing of all - deepening our relationship to the interconnected web of life. A ceremonial dose of Cacao is served to help facilitate a deeper connection to our own hearts. The Summer Solstice is a time for celebration. As we honour the power of the sun, it focusses our awareness on our own power and the light and shadows within us all. How do we tend to the creative fires within and energise the seeds we have planted? What needs clearing out and in which direction do we set out inner compass as we clarify what really matters to us? What supports us as we grow and expand in the journey towards the fulfilment of our unique blueprints? And how do we prepare for a shift from the expansion of Summer to the second half of the year leading to the Winter Solstice. We are grateful to be able to offer the ceremony in the Roundhouse, a sacred ceremonial space surrounded by beautiful woodlands. Coming here is a special pilgrimage and this time there is also the possibility of camping in the beautiful woodlands after the ceremony and joining a day of Summer Solstice rituals with Tori - the guardian of this land - and Kai from FeatheredSerpentProductions.com. For more info email: [masked] For more information http://movementmedicinewithmira.com/event/summer-solstice-movement-medicine-cacao-ceremony/ Booking https://otherness.co/events/summer-solstice-movement-medicine-cacao-ceremony/

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