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Hi, My name is Trevor. I'm a former Ido Portal student and current student of Will Chung. I've lived in 6 different countries, traveled to over 50, and have spent the majority of the past 6+ years researching several disciplines from a movement perspective.

The training is a principles-based approach to movement with a focus on movement quality, which in turn leads to improved strength, mobility, conditioning and building an injury resilient body. The coaching is all about making connections - in the body and what we encounter in life.

I discuss topics such as communication, knowing your center, self-worth, and sourcing/sequencing while giving students a physical experience to truly understand what all of that means. At the end of the day, it's about having a grounded, connected, engaged mind and body and marrying your words with your actions.

The training is challenging and I ask that you come prepared to give your best effort.

Samaritan Center
We have teamed up with the great folk over at the Samaritan Center in Austin to help Military Veterans and their families.

These Meetups have been free and will continue to be. However, if you want to support myself, this group, and/or ultimately the Samaritan Center, then I will start accepting donations - $1, $10, $25.....whatever you are comfortable sharing w/ your current financial situation. For reference, a class like this would typically cost around $25.

***100% of the donations will go the Samaritan Center each month***

Please note: You DO NOT have to donate to participate in the Meetups. It is purely at your discretion.

|f you are interested in donating, you can bring cash to the Meetup or send $ via Venmo (@gibbsth). Please put "Samaritan Center" in the subject line if sending money.

You can read more about the Samaritan Center below or at their website:

Much love,

P.S. I can be reached directly via the meetup messaging service or through my personal email gibbsth@gmail.com.

A bit more about my teachers...

Ido is a world-renowned movement practitioner. With Ido, I explored multiple disciplines from a movement perspective such as gymnastics, Oly/Power-Lifting, mobility, locomotion, contemporary dance, parkour, hand balancing, and much more. I have trained under him and his team in the US, Canada, and Asia.

Will is a 3rd generation Martial Artist and trainer to UFC champions, Olympic athletes, and some of the most well-known fitness professionals on earth. Under Will's tutelage for the past 2.5 years, I have been exploring movement from a more fundamental perspective. Will is known for his "Triple Chain Theory," and we research principles such as connection, sequencing, sourcing, grounding, center and circumference, communication, and longevity...applying movement drills to let people experience what is holding them back and also how to deal with pressure.

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