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What is the meet up about? The human body is a healing miracle. Given the right foods and tools it can heal itself. This is nothing new. Our ancestors practiced many of the same modalities that we now call "new age". Let's get real, we are just going back the old ways of actually listening to our own bodies rather than listening to someone telling us how we should feel. You know why? Not because it is cheaper, not because the health care industry in dying a slow death and not because it is the new fad... Because it works!!! How is this for enlightenment, you are THE ONE that takes care of YOU!! When I listen to the stories of people who go to a medical professional I sometimes just have to shake me head in saddness. Where did our society in general begin to learn toward letting others control how feel and how we heal? Please understand there are many, many great medical professional in our world. But, does your medical professioanl listen to you and hear you? Does your medical professional encourage you to seek understanding of your own body with breathing exercise, mediatation, energy work, massage, spiritual strenghtening or ideas that can give you understanding or your own control of your own body??? Or, does you medical professional tell you, "there is nothing wrong", rush you out of the office, send you for tests before asking all the necessary questions, or just hand you a prescription and tell you to go home? If there is one clear message I want to share with the world it is this. Your body is a healing miracle and 'if' you get out of the way and let it, it can heal itself. Not just mine, not just yours,.... everyones. Yes, even the person that does not believe it. So why do I want so dearly to have this meet up group? I watch to share the avenues I have learned and hear about the avenues you have learned on how to take the natural paths to self care and self healing!! Movement: walking, yoga, belly dancing, tai chi, qigong, line dancing, zumba, rockclimbing... Touch: massage, craniosacral, reflexology, energy work, acupuncture,... Education: nutrition, weight loss, going smokeless, prevention of illness, reversing disease, positive thinking, meditation, stress management, understanding energywork, I think you get where I am going with this. Please give suggestions on topics you want to hear about or you wnat to teach. Together we can change the world!!!

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