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Movement and Creativity are vital to our lives. When we direct our focus to deepening connections to ourselves, each other and life itself, our experience of life becomes fertile, rich, vibrant.

Movement: classes, workshops, experiments, performances, curiosity, discovery.
Creativity: art, music, process, creation, discussion, experiencing, learning.

The body is the physical aspect of the personality and movement is the personality made visible.- Mary Starks Whitehouse

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Curiosity, Compassion & Transformation Feldenkrais Series

Tree of Life Tai Chi Center

12 Week Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Series with Tiffany Sankary & Matty Wilkinson - Online and In Person $20 Drop-in to First Class Curiosity is where learning begins. Compassion allows us to be present to ourselves in the moment. In Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons we explore our embodied experience of these qualities in movement and rest, intention and action. When we bring kindness and curiosity to our habitual ways of sensing, moving and doing, new possibilities emerge. When we embrace our embodied/moving self in the present moment and integrate our new learning we become more flexible in body, mind and in our lives. “Curiosity is a sign of health in man and in animal.” -Moshe Feldenkrais The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, engineer, judo master and student of human development. In the[masked]'s he explored the interconnections between the body, mind, environment, and self development. This is for: - People who are new to the Feldenkrais Method - Those with experience that want to deepen their practice - People in pain or who have lost mobility. - Musicians, dancers, artists, performers who want to expand their options - People who are looking for a gentle entry into being in their bodies Learn ways to: - Reduce tension, pain and stress - Increase flexibility, stability and comfort - Improve the quality of your movement and your self awareness - Develop resilience through curiosity and experimentation - Care for yourself and listen to creative impulses - Bring ease into your daily life Course Includes: - 12 Weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes with Tiffany Sankary and Matty Wilkinson THURSDAYS 4-5pm 11 Bow Street, Somerville, Ma Jan 24 - April 18 (No class on 2/21) AND FRIDAYS 12pm-1pm EST ONLINE Jan 25- April 19 - No class on 2/22 Zoom video conferencing - A collection of audio downloads for you to keep - 3 months of access to Movement & Creativity Library: a multimedia library of 150+ Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons and resources to help you reduce pain and awaken creativity. - Access to online workshops with Movement & Creativity Library guest teachers - In person option includes the ability to attend any of the online classes for no extra charge Cost: $350 for the 12 week course Early-bird discounts if you register by January 17: $300 Early-bird $200 Students (Feldenkrais Training or University) $150 Movement and Creativity Library Members $20 Drop-in to First Class Teachers: Tiffany Sankary is an artist, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Authentic Movement teacher and the Continuity Assistant Trainer for the Boston Feldenkrais Training Program. She created the book Feldenkrais Illustrated: The Art of Learning. Matty Wilkinson is a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method and Anat Baniel Method for Children. He specializes in working with children and teaching and writing about developmental process.

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