What we're about

This meetup is inclusive of a range of Global Sustainability organisations in Brisbane, including Beyond Capitalism, The Zeitgeist Movement and Free Thinkers.

This meetup provides a place for international sustainability advocacy organizations which urge a global transition to better society and superior economic models beyond capitalism, hierarchy and artificial scarcity.

Here are some examples of what we discuss...

*Capitalism, imperialism, and oppression

*Socialism, communism and liberation

*Historical revolutions and movements

*Climate Change and our role

*Liberatory technology

*Natural and artificial scarcity

*Education of the masses.. and more ..!

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Freethinkers - Critial Thinking and Epistemology

Brisbane Square Library

Critical Thinking - the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement. Epistemology - the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

Basic Economic Concepts - Part 3

Brisbane Square Library

This is the third of ten monthly free lectures this year covering Basic Economic Concepts. Economics is the study of how human beings make decisions concerning the allocation of scarce resources. This affects everyone’s life as we all constantly make these decisions. The goal of understand economics is to better understand the world around us so we can make better choices and ultimately live a happier life. The content is targeted at the general public with the purpose of providing insight and promoting learning. There’s no assignments or tests. No obligations. It’s free and it’s fun! No prior knowledge is required. Everyone is welcome :) But the series will loosely draw from the content and concepts from last year's eight part lecture series on World History. The Basic Economic Concepts lectures will run one Saturday afternoon per month for the rest of the year. The series will build in complexity from previous lectures. After ten lectures I hope people have build a solid understanding of the underlying mechanics that drives economics decisions and are more resilient to manipulation and coercion because they are able to think critically. Each lecture will be approximately 2 hours long with Q&A and discussion afterwards. Following the official event there will be dinner and/or drinks in the city with friends :) Zachary Alexander - Queensland Zeitgeist Movement Coordinator

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Basic Economic Concepts - Part 2

Brisbane Square Library

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