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Wine potluck
Needs a date and time
Everyone brings a little finger food, appetizer, dip to an agreed upon location to drink, eat and be merry, and probably throw a movie on. Just a thought!

Needs a location


What we're about

We are a diverse group of women, who get together and socialize, meet new friends, maybe drink a little wine, and have fun watching movies in a home setting! We are the stressed woman's guilty pleasure, and what happens at our events STAYS at our events! :) Going out can be expensive... But a girl needs girlfriends! Our events are designed to be easy on the wallet, but FUN! Generally we have "movie night", but there are other "watching parties" too, like for The Bachelor/Bachelorette! (Or, as I call it, "The Superbowl of Love"!) Future events may include potlucks, pool parties, themed double features, and game night.

Love to entertain and think "I'd love to have a few friends over for movie night!" you CAN! A feature of this group is that you can suggest an event and see who's interested! Please don't hesitate to use this feature! Click the "Suggested" tab on our group's page.

We don't ask much of group members... Just that you see the other ladies in the group as friends you haven't met yet!

Please join us!

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