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I'd like to thank those who supported MovieTalk over the past couple of years. I am renaming the group Film Analysis Meetup, a name that more accurately reflects the format and direction of this group which will focus more on what I consider "discussion-worthy" films that are culturally, intellectually, and aesthetically significant cornerstones of the medium, films such as those the group has previously covered but with greater focus, and less focus on "summer" films and movies placing greater emphasis on special effects and shock for the sake of shock over solid writing, intelligent plots, strong believable characters, and creativity. An example of films this group will discuss are:

• The Godfathers I and II

• 2001: A Space Odyssey

• La Dolce Vita

• Seven Samurai

• Lawrence of Arabia

• Vertigo

• Citizen Kane

• Black Swan

• Raging Bull

• Mulholland Drive

• All About My Mother

• Memento

• East Of Eden

• The Matrix

• The Dark Knight

• Biutiful

• Enter The Void

• The Man Who Fell To Earth

• The Last Days

• Metropolis

• All About Eve

• Schindler's List

• Do The Right Thing

• Fight Club

• The Red Shoes

• Ali: Fear Eats The Soul

• etc.

The format of these meetings are as follows: We will begin by watching a video analysis of the film on my laptop followed by discussions in which members will have the opportunity to give his or her insights on my interpretation of the film. I urge all members attending these meetings to watch the film beforehand to formulate his or her own thoughts about its themes.

Most of the films that I cover are available through Youtube or Amazon and can also be rented through the City and County public libraries. Members are free to reference anecdotes and other films as long as these anecdotes and films can point back to the film being discussed. Suggestions are most welcome as long as I like them enough to invest the time I need to properly analyze them on video. Also, if you can't attend for any reason, please feel free to leave a comment on the site. VIP cancellations at least 24 hours prior to the discussion are most appreciated. Thanks.

Past events (85)

Unmasking the genius of Stanley Kubrick's ‘Eyes Wide Shut!’

University City Public Library

Unmasking the genius of Stanley Kubrick's ‘Eyes Wide Shut!’

University City Public Library

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University City Public Library