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Moving Forward is catered to the working professional looking to get what they want out of life, achieve goals, and overcome obstacles. Moving forward is for the person that NEVER gives up, the person looking for self motivation, or the person looking to make long term changes in their life. The group will go over a variety of topics from mental/physical health, interpersonal relationships, investing, financial health, overcoming personal/professional obstacles, and assist group members in getting solution focused results. My name is Tiffany Winston and I have been a therapist for over 10+ years and recently made the switch to real estate. The journey that I went through in order to come to that decision to commit to changing my life and my career was challenging but rewarding. This group is meant to help anyone that is dealing with fear or anxiety in taking the courageous step to changing their professional destiny. Education/training will focus on using cognitive and behavioral tools to make personal/professional changes. Life coaching services will be available for the second half of the presentation (if participant desires).

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