• Organizing & Designing Your New Life

    Compass Real Estate - Brentwood East

    Divorce usually leads to a reorganization of your life. Maybe that means moving to a new place. Or maybe your ex moves out, and you need/want to reorganize your marital home to better reflect your next chapter. Wherever you end up, this is YOUR space, and we want it to be authentic to you. How you live affects your energy, productivity, emotions, and the wellbeing of you and your family. Let's take a moment to get it right... In this session our experts include an organizing/moving guru, as well as a very forward-focused interior designer. Both women are extremely kind, knowledgeable, and experienced with easing the stress of transition. Together we will explore what you want your space to look like, with some tips from the professionals to make it a reality. On any budget -- large or small. We're going to work with what's possible, while still encouraging you to DREAM. What will your new life look like? Our Experts: www.messiewest.com www.aedesigns.com www.moving-on.us www.getting-unmarried.com