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A divorce or relationship breakup can be ruinous state of affairs - mild understatement. But no need for you to remain at the effect of this. Do you feel that you need a change? If so simply demand that change and an improvement in your life and you CAN make that happen.

In this group we will help you to see what happened and how to prevent it from happening again and how to move on! We will discuss how to find and erase the source of lingering pain and help you to convert that pain close the door on into a new and happier life with more lasting and meaningful relationships 
I want to help everyone who still suffers from a divorce or breakup to recover from the emotional distress and depression. You CAN do it. You just need some help and tools.
We'll have meetups to provide help. We'll have some free classes about life improvement, we'll read some relevant self-help books. We'll help you regain your stability, peace of mind self-confidence and happiness which may have been shaken by a relationship gone bad.
We will help you to create a better relationships, a better life and a better future.
We will have free weekly online meetings which are sponsored by Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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Gain Control of Your Emotions - Recover from Past Bad Experience

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Have you ever said or done something that you later regretted which had an adverse effect upon your relationship? Have you ever been confused about why you acted in a way that was against your best interest and caused you to be unhappy or depressed?

Have you ever set a goal for yourself for a relationship or life in general and then failed to achieve it? How did this make you feel? Has this happened many times? If so, don't worry, you're not the only one!

There are essential points that we will discuss in this meetup which will help you to get back on your feet and start anew.

These points include:

  • What part do goals play in a successful relationship or life in general
  • How obstacles can prevent you from achieving your goals
  • Who puts the obstacles there and how do you overcome them
  • What is the hidden cause of anxiety, depression and unhappiness
  • How to overcome barriers and hidden influences to achieve happiness

This is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology Live-Improvement Center.

How to Avoid Future Relationship Mistakes

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If you are thinking about dating again, and trying to start a new, better relationship, this meetup event will help you.

We will talk about

  • What kind of mindset you should have in starting anew
  • How do you know whether someone is right for you
  • How do you recognize the red flags
  • Once you start the relationship, how do you maintain the quality of the relationship
  • How do you prevent a relationship going into a downward spiral

Get this information BEFORE you jump into a new relationship!

See you there!

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center in Sacramento, California.

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