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"Free association is a practice in which an individual is encouraged to freely share thoughts, random words, and anything else that comes to mind... This technique is intended to help them learn more about what they think and feel, in an atmosphere of non-judgmental curiosity and acceptance...When used in this spirit...nobody knows in advance exactly where the conversation will lead, but it tends to lead to material that matters very much..."

Welcome to the Minneapolis Free Association Writer's Circle!

This group is open to ALL writers, no matter your background or experience.

Free Association Writing, which may also be described as Stream-of-Consciousness writing, asks you to set your ego aside for a moment and write freely.

A stark contrast to more structured writing groups or workshops, at MplsFAWC, we only ask that you arrive prepared to get creative with your words: unrestricted, uncensored, free. We aim to provide a safe space where writers can let their minds unleash whatever powerful, mundane, unusual or even unexpected thoughts that decide to pop up. Our hope is to break apart your writer's block, shake loose your thoughts, and give you a little bit of freedom to play with your words in a creative & energized space.

Each meetup will be loosely structured, to follow the Free Association spirit:

• We'll start with writer introductions and a brief overview of Free Association for newcomers.

• We'll then take approximately 30 minutes to free associate through writing. Please bring pen and paper for this. Prompts will be provided at the beginning for anyone who wishes to use them as a jumping-off point, though this is not required.

• After, we'll make time to allow each person to share any and all of their writing, if they wish. Sharing is always welcome but never mandatory.

We look forward to free associating with you!

>>The cost of this group is paid for out-of-pocket by me, your organizer. If you enjoy this meet up, please consider making a financial contribution (https://secure.meetup.com/Mpls-Free-Association-Writers-Circle/contribute/) to help us "keep the lights on." Thank you!<<

Please note: I am not a licensed Psychotherapist and this writer's circle is not intended to provide group or individual therapy services. This group is not a replacement for any kind of mental health services. It is intended for community-building, creative writing, and mostly importantly, it is intended for FUN. That being said, I hope you find the experience beneficial - cathartic, even - and that you continue to join us as often as you can.

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