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Multicultural awareness is becoming more essential day by day in order to embrace and respect cultural differences and eliminate hate incidents (not only in schools but broader parts of our communities). Multicultural therapists can foster multicultural awareness and help people to understand the norms, values, traditions, experiences and life styles of minority groups.

Through my clinical work, I always worked hard to to create a space for tolerance and acceptance by providing mental health services to children, teens and their families who represent differences in ethnicity, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status. As our world gets more interconnected and globalized, fostering multicultural counseling is becoming increasingly crucial. It is essential that therapists who work with varied populations are knowledgeable about, sensitive to, and comfortable with cultural differences. This meeetup group will help clinicians increase their clinical cultural competence in order to establish the trust necessary to work with clients of different races, ethnical backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, geographic locations, ages, languages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and family types. Otherwise, clinicians will end up misinterpreting the effects of culture on clinical practice. If we, mental health professionals, recognize the role of culture than we can develop an approach to clinical care that examines the impact of context on clients, ourselves, and the world.

This social networking group aims to foster collaborative networking opportunity and provide psychoeducation for mental health professionals of all ages and levels (LMHC, LCSW, LMFT, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Holistic Healers who promote Mental Health Wellness, School Psychologists, Behavioral Therapists and Psychoanalysts). We aim to explore and develop effective and creative solutions for psychosocial and mental health issues by using multicultural lenses. Through local meetups, workshops and trainings we will develop cultural sensitivity and competency with people who are interested in multicultural therapy. While sharing our personal and clinical experiences, we will help as well as support each other to gain awareness and knowledge of various cultural beliefs and practices that will make us competent multicultural therapists and counselors.

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Seminar II

Freerange Market

In our 3rd meeting, we will discuss critical issues in counseling while highlighting the importance of healthy boundaries and utilizing cultural What makes this group special is we are embracing diversity and multiculturalism... Louise McBey, MSW,LCSW will be a speaker of the day- she will share her experiences with multicultural clients and help us understand how clinicians (not only clients) bring their own cultures and biases to therapy sessions. We will explore the delicious organic food and enjoy this comfortable & friendly setting in Freerange Cafe in Medford. Commuting & Parking won't be a problem. Can't wait to see you all on Saturday!

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Seminar Series I

Watertown Free Public Library

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