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This Multifamily Investor Nation group is for real estate investors, at all levels, that are actively acquiring multifamily/apartment properties. Whether you are using apartment syndication model or using your own money, it is not hard to do as long as you have the proper training and team in place. Our goal on this group is to provide as much value as possible by providing regular opportunities for education/learning and then solidify the training by hosting in person networking events.

Watching online videos and reading books on multifamily syndication investing is great but you need the in person networking to start to create/develop your team and for finding partners.

Again, the purpose of this group is all about training followed by networking in multifamily apartment investing.

*Visit www.multifamilyinvestornation.com to join us on YouTube and Facebook.

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Multifamily Monday - Networking and Educational Event

Network event

112 attendees from 38 groups hosting

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This is a regularly scheduled monthly Monday meeting for networking and educational content.

This month's topic: Performing Due Diligence on a Multifamily Deal

There is no local co-organizer in your area so you are invited to join a live stream with our Greenville, SC meetup group:

NOTE: We are actively seeking co-organizers in your city! Co-organizers are eligible for free training on multifamily investing, special co-organizer-only events during the year, and more.

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MFIN Webinar: Creating an Investor Nurturing System for Apartment Syndication

Network event

25 attendees from 55 groups hosting

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The next #MFINWebinar is Tuesday, April 4th at 11:00AM EST

Speaker: Whitney Elkins-Hutten

Length: 30-45min

Title: "Creating an Investor Nurturing System for Apartment Syndication"

Topics Covered:
​- What is a nurturing system?
- Why creating a nurturing system is a powerful way to engage investors
- How to set up a nurturing system in 15 minutes or less
- ​And so much more!

SIN Webinar: Self-Storage Underwriting: How to Determine Pro Forma Rents

Network event

19 attendees from 55 groups hosting

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#SINWebinar: Self-Storage Underwriting: How to Determine Pro Forma Rents

Speaker: Jon Allen

Length: 30-45min

What You Will Learn At This Webinar:
- Understanding the market
- Determining which comps are relevant
- Data on occupancy
- How to position the property alongside the comps
- And so much more!

#storageinvestornation #selfstorageinvesting #realestateinvesting #storageinvestor

Register here: https://www.storageinvestornation.com/sinwebinar

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MFIN Webinar - Techniques for Staying Organized When Working Multiple Deals

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