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Hi, I recently read the book"Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles" written by Ruchir Sharma. In that book, Sharma analyzes different countries from various point of view by combines different factors. According to his book, I realized that it is important to get the various point of view based on real experience to be actual "global (international) person". So lets discuss and be inspired with multi-global people in this third global city Tokyo! This meetup welcomes the international people who want to get the network of both casual and professional. The aim of this meetup is to search "what is exactly "multi-global" means?. We sometimes discuss seriously about global issues, and also hang out together for drink. Let's be "multi-global person" together! This meetup is not for get someone to date! I hope people can find international friends and business connections beyond culture and nationality.

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