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Self-made multi-millionaires and multiple 6 figure earners under the age of 30 will share their experiences and teach us their ways of making additonal income.

No previous financial or business knowledge needed. This event tailors to all, regardless of age and background.

FREE event.

Strictly BUSINESS SMART dress code

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FREE - Mulitmillionaires teach us additional ways of making income

Holiday Inn Kensington Forum

FREE Event - you must phone Arun upon arrival on[masked] and it's strictly BUSINESS SMART attire only. Venue may be SUBJECT TO CHANGE - please check 1 day in advance! Our speakers include self-made millionaires (under age 30) and others earning multiple 6 and 5 figure sums per month as an EXTRA income (through their spare time) from the bills people need to pay every month (e.g. phone, electricity, gas, broadband etc). Such an extra income has allowed some of them to retire themselves early, even in less than 5 years! What's so incredible is our speakers continue to earn this extra income in months that they do not work and do not find new customers. For example, some speakers earn multiple 6 figures per month from the monthly bills of over 100,000 customers. When they do no work in the following month, they will continue to get paid multiple 6 figures that month from their existing 100,000 customers as they need to pay their bills every month. These high income earners have partnered with over 160 companies globally through All Communications Network, including Vodafone, Three, BT and energy broker LSI to name a few. They move bill payers (customers) to a cheaper supplier, and therefore no penny is taken from their pockets. In return, the new supplier pays our speakers a bonus (e.g. £600 for every 6 new energy customers in a month), and also pay them a monthly income from the bills that the customers pay every month. There are numerous other services such as TV and security alarms that also require monthly bills and therefore generate them a monthly income too. We will share how they get so many customers in just a few years and how you can do exactly the same in your spare time! It will be a positive and open environment where knowledge is shared with over 200 attendees. No previous business knowledge or experience is needed. The event tailors to all, regardless of background, qualifications and age. There will be opportunity to network before and after. *Unable to attend?* The knowledge we gain is incredible and we love to meet like-minded people. If you are unable to attend, we'd be very happy to share the knowledge we gained with you over a coffee or brief phone call - let us know! *Group removal* We unfortunately have to remove those who have not attended for the longest time, in order to allow others who want to join the group, since members are limited to 50. If you are available to attend soon, our sincere apologies. If you could resend a request to re-join, we will happily approve you again into the group. We're really excited for the event and look forward to meeting you!