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Summary: A social group that facilitates fun activities and events for people who think all "race-mixing" and "miscegenation" is a good thing. Singles, couples of the same race, couples that are different races, kids, teens, adults, senior citizens; all people and ages are welcome. We'll be doing everything from hiking to house parties (see below). Terminology ("race-mixing" etc.) discussed at the bottom.

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I'm the group's founder. I'm multiracial; the product of parents stepping across a real (albeit socially constructed) social schism. I'm glad they did it. I'm glad I exist. If you believe it's better when people from the same race "stick together," or you believe it's better when only certain races "mix," then this group is not for you. If you think it's a good thing when people from different races work together, are friends with each other, marry and have children together, then this group is for you.

All races are welcome, whether you are multiracial or uniracial. "Multiracial" means you consider yourself to belong to more than one race. "Uniracial" means you consider yourself to belong to only a single race (white, black, Alaska Native, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, etc.; all are welcome here).

All ages are welcome; singles, married, parents, children, senior citizens, 0 years old to 122+. All religions are welcome; none (atheist, agnostic, etc.), Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.


Our goal is to provide a loving environment and support network that allows people to have open and honest discussion, enjoy each other's company and the world around us through outdoor adventures, literature, house parties and myriad other activities and events.

Activities & Events

We aim to facilitate regular activities, including, but not limited to:

> Hiking
> Movie nights
> House parties, dinners, BBQs
> Book clubs
> Coffee shop discussions
> ...and more


In short, this group is founded on the idea that at this point in history it is counterproductive for humans to fight amongst ourselves. Rather, we should be working together to advance towards greater achievements in technology, to more effectively fight our real enemies (i.e. increasing our focus on cures for disease, aging and death), and to generally achieve a more peaceful and productive society that allows us the greatest freedom and highest quality of life.

Race and Terminology

Historically, terms such as "race-mixing" and "miscegenation" have been given a negative connotation. The terms simply describe people of different races interacting with each other. We do not accept that these terms are negative. We think they describe a beautiful concept: people who might otherwise consider themselves on opposing sides of an imagined conflict, coming together in friendship and often love.

"Race" is a social construct (like a "gang") with no basis in biology. Rather than skin color, our society could easily decide to break people into different races based on eye color, height, blood type, etc.

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Dinner and a Movie

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Dinner and a Movie

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