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Join the Elastic Community: This group is for anyone interested in open source search, logging, analytics & data visualization. We primarily focus on these open source projects — Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats ( http://www.elastic.co/products ) — but we welcome talks on any aspect of data exploration.

We want to hear from you — and so do other meetup members! Present about your Elastic Stack stories, be it a lightning talk or a 25-45 minute presentation with Q&A. Our Speaker Guide ( https://eemrich.gitbooks.io/elastic-user-group-speaker-guidelines/content/ ) is full of tips on giving a stellar presentation. If you’re interested visit the elastic/call-for-meetups repo ( https://github.com/elastic/call-for-meetups ).

Local community organizers wanted! - We’d love to have this user group meet more regularly, so we’re looking for a local organizer who will help the group thrive, and the Community Team at Elastic is here to support you. If you’re interested email us at meetups@elastic.co .

We know that people enjoy giving back to the communities they care about, so we've created this guide to help you (https://www.elastic.co/community/usergroupguide#overview)get started on your path to starting a Meetup.com user group.

What you’ll gain by being a Community Organizer?:

• Public speaking experience

• Community leadership and contribution

• Networking opportunities

• Learn new technical use cases and share your expertise

• Special Elastic swag (and bragging rights, of course).


• Be a fan of Elastic and possess motivation to help build the community

• Commit to organizing the user group for at least one calendar year (at least 3-4 meetups a year)

• Attend the meetups

• Help find speakers and hosts (Elastic can help connect you with other users)

• Create meetup.com announcement (Elastic can help promote)

• Order food & beverages (Elastic is happy to sponsor)

Host a meetup: Hosting a meetup at your office, is another way to get more involved with the community. This is a great way to showcase your space (especially if you’re trying to recruit). Your facilities don't need to be fancy — we're looking for a comfortable vibe, a projector, screen, chairs, and a place to serve refreshments. Email meetups@elastic.co if you’re interested.

Learn more about Elastic

• Elastic Community: https://www.elastic.co/community

• Monthly Community Newsletter: https://www.elastic.co/community/newsletter

• Discussion Forums: https://discuss.elastic.co/

Code of Conduct: This Meetup community adheres to the Elastic Community Code of Conduct ( https://www.elastic.co/community/codeofconduct ). Attendance to events run as part of this Meetup group means you agree to be an awesome human and engage by these rules.

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Mumbai January Elastic Meetup

WeWork 247 Park

-- This is a Free event -- PLEASE RSVP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/6flkAbCtiwyV96292 Hello Everyone, Happy New Year 2019! The January Elastic meetup is here. Interested in learning new features full-text search, managing event logs or monitoring your application? Come join us and ask us all the questions you have on Elastic Stack :) Agenda: 1. Talk 1 Title: Deploying Elasticsearch on Kubernetes using Helm Charts Name: Aravind Putrevu Designation: Developer Advocate Company : Elastic Time: 1 hour Abstract/Details: The shift to microservices and cloud native application architectures is a liberating paradigm for developers; but the dynamic nature of these newer frameworks also introduce a number of interesting challenges ranging from observability to inventory management. Users are turning to the Elastic Stack to solve these problems because the open source and flexible nature of Elastic products allows them to extend into uncharted space in a fast and agile manner. In this talk we will look at deploying elasticsearch on Kubernetes using the official helm charts. 2. Talk 2 Title: TBC Name: Ravi Ramnani Designation: Solutions Architect Company : Elastic Time: 1 hour Abstract/Details: TBC PLEASE RSVP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/6flkAbCtiwyV96292 Elastic India Community Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ElasticIndiaUserGroup/ Newsletter: https://elastic.co/community/newsletter Products of Elastic : https://www.elastic.co/products Why it is called Elastic Stack : https://www.elastic.co/elk-stack

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Inaugural Mumbai Elastic Meetup


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