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A group for anyone interested in Functional programming and Elixir programming language to build powerful high performance scalable fault tolerant web & mobile applications.

We started this group to setup regular Meetup at our office "Kiprosh" (or anywhere in Mumbai if you'd like). I am Founder at Kiprosh (http://www.kiprosh.com), CTO at Realvolve (http://realvolve.com/) and organiser of couple of other Meetup groups here dedicated on latest technologies.

Here is a Slack channel for Mumbai Elixir Group (https://elixir-lang.slack.com/messages/mumbai/) and related discussions. Feel free to join me there. I am active on #Elixir and this slack channel.

If you are from Ruby on Rails background and want to take a quick dive into Elixir & Erlang ecosystem then read my blog here Quick Dive Into Elixir, Phoenix And Erlang Ecosystem (http://kiprosh.com/blog/quick-dive-into-elixir-phoenix-and-erlang-ecosystem)

Its also on ElixirStatus (http://elixirstatus.com/p/piUZ-quick-dive-into-elixir-phoenix-and-erlang-ecosystem)

@rohan_daxini (https://twitter.com/rohan_daxini)

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Meetup on Elixir Phoenix and Enterprise Apps


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