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The future of learning, schools and work.

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The world is made better for all of us when children, families and communities are well-served by educational systems and when our schools develop people capable and empowered to lead good lives.

Children, families, educators and communities from all places face challenges of change and opportunities for growth. There is no one model of education that works for all, because each community has its own needs. We learn and share with a broad global community, helping our local and global peers to find the best ways to apply what works from around the world in our local contexts.

We do better for our communities by leading from within our systems. Our group members are committed to supporting, enabling and participating in the improvement of education.

This group is for education innovators and those interested in innovation in the K-12 school space. This includes teachers, parents, ed-tech, school administrators and leaders, students and other stakeholders.
Solving the challenges of building better schools is achieved best with insights from different perspectives, so welcome all backgrounds as long as you are interested in contributing from your experience to a future of better education locally and globally.


All our meetings are currently online.

We meet on zoom, bringing together members from our groups from Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Mumbai and Melbourne. More cities coming soon from around the world.

When it becomes possible to safely hold meetings in person again, we will add more local face-to-face events and get togethers.

We discuss and share explorations of questions such as:
-What can we do to help today's kids be ready for the future?
-Is my child's learning what they need for the world they're growing up into?
-What do new technologies mean for young people? Teachers? Schools? Us?
-Are schools still relevant? What can we do to create better systems?

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