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This is a support group for anyone interested in overcoming their fear of public speaking. Did you know that public speaking is the number one fear in North America? The second greatest fear is death! If you have the fear of public speaking, you are not alone. I started this group as unlike in western countries there is no support group for us in Mumbai. Through this group we can share our experiences with each other and device strategies for overcoming this problem. This is NOT A MEETUP THAT GIVES EXPERT ADVICE ON PRESENTATIONS AND SPEECHES. THERE ARE OTHER MEETUPS FOR THAT. THIS IS ALSO NOT A PLACE FOR NETWORKING, NOR IS THIS A PLACE FOR IMPROVING YOUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS.

I firmly believe that every speaker is unique and should develop his/her own style. The sole purpose of this meetup is to try to eliminate the nasty feelings you experience before delivering a speech or presentation in public. This meetup is all about eliminating Stage Fright/Glossophobia. Speakers shall be allowed to choose their topic and duration of speech (3 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes). The idea is to be your natural self without any kind of constraints and gradually increase the duration of speech. You may start by saying a single word Hello! and spend 3 seconds in front of an audience. However, those 3 seconds may give you the confidence for a lifetime.

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