What we're about

Hello everyone, We are a group of drone/UAV enthusiast, We are certified drone pilots from UAV academies around India. We fly quadcopters from the toy category to the professional category as a hobbyist. We do travel at new exotic locations or even have overnight camping sessions outside Mumbai. People from all walks of life who have a drone and are Interested to fly as a Hobbyist can Join us. Please get in touch Vis this Meetup Group. We will guide you on how to fly safely and enjoy flying the aircraft. There is no age limit for learning and enjoying the art of flying a quadcopter aircraft. Do join us and we can arrange a trip based on days available to us.

We observe strict guidelines for flying the aircraft without disturbing any life. We advise our team to follow accordingly.

Type of tours

1) One day return trip (with your aircraft)
2) Overnight camping trips (with your aircraft)

Seats limited per trip so please let us know in advance about your interest in traveling with us.

We will announce the trips in the Meetup Group. You can also get in touch with us for the trips.

Cost of Drone Trek:

1) Travel cost
2) Food is your own cost
3) Overnight stay cost if we are camping.

(Camping locations will provide all necessary equipment and food)
For security reasons, we would like to have a copy of your ID. If you would be flying with us.

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