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Mundo Lingo hosts language exchanges in 30 worldwide cities. Every week, 100+ people from different backgrounds (local and international) meet to practice languages, learn about cultures and make new friends.

: : : : : The Event : : : : :

-Always free

-All languages are welcome

-All levels are welcome

-Age 21+ (venue with alcohol. No exceptions)

All that we ask is that you bring a smile and an openness to meet others. Most of our guests come alone so don't worry if you are by yourself, we are warm and shy friendly!

At the event, we give you stickers of country flags to show what languages you speak. Native language goes at the top, weakest language at the bottom.


How does it work?

Every participant is given a selection of flag-stickers to stick on their chest. These flags represent your languages and go in order of ability from native at the top to weakest at the bottom - Easy!

How many people go?

Our events are active in 20 countries and 30 cities, and most events bring 100-250 participants. If you like what we do, please share with your friends!

Most of our participants are not members of Meetup so don't be put off by low numbers here, we're a well-established event.

You can visit our website which has information on all of our cities and events: http://www.mundolingo.org (http://www.mundolingo.org/)

Join us on Facebook as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ML.NewYorkCity (http://www.facebook.com/groups/ML.NYC)


Somos un grupo de más de 100 personas de diferentes países que se reúnen todas las semanas para practicar idiomas y hacer nuevos amigos. Entre nuestros participantes se encuentran estudiantes de idiomas, entusiastas culturales, personas que recién se han mudado a la ciudad y gente local!

:::::El Evento:::::

-Siempre gratis.
-Todos los idiomas son bienvenidos.
-Todos los niveles son bienvenidos.
-Edad 21+ (Lugar con alcohol. No hay excepciones.)

Todo lo que pedimos es que traigas una sonrisa y tengas las ganas de conocer a otras personas. La mayoría de nuestros participantes vienen solos, así que no te preocupes si vienes solo(a), somos muy amigables!

En el evento, te damos stickers de banderas de los países para mostrar los idiomas que hablas. Tu lengua materna va en la parte superior, los demás idiomas van debajo de acuerdo al nivel.

Grupo de Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ML.NewYorkCity

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Mundo Lingo (Manhattan 1 #142)

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Mundo Lingo (Manhattan 1 #142)

Sweet & Vicious

Mundo Lingo (Manhattan 1 #142)

Sweet & Vicious

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