Mozilla Developer Roadshow: The Road to Quantum Firefox Browser!

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Join us for a casual evening of tech talks and networking, brought to you by awesome Mozillian speakers.

This event will start with a brief intro into the 2017 Mozilla tech road map with talks highlighting the incredible features of the fastest Firefox browser yet.

Listen to how Quantum optimizes development and browsing of WebVR, CSS Grid, Rust, Web Security, and many more.

Doors open at 6:30pm
Talks are between 7pm-9pm

Food and drinks served to make networking so much more enjoyable.

Let’s celebrate Firefox Quantum together in Munich!Special thanks to SinnerSchrader Munich for sponsor this event!



WebAssembly for the Rest of Us
WebAssembly ( promises to take this one step further by reducing storage size and decoding time, while providing the same safe sandboxed environment with near-native performance.
It takes your native code, no matter if C or Rust, and turns that into something that runs blazingly fast in your browser.

After this talk you will know what WebAssembly is, why we need it and how you can benefit from it in your next Web project.
No prior knowledge of WebAssembly or tools around it is necessary.

Jan-Erik ( Computer Science in Aachen, Germany and Stavanger, Norway.
He’s a Rust enthusiast and works on better support for WebAssembly in the Rust compiler.


Mark 57 – The future Firefox
Firefox 57, to be launched in November this year, will bring a new UI, new features, and numerous performance improvements. The talk will present the visible changes and explain what has been done behind the hood, and why we should be excited about the coming of a new generation of browser engines.

Based in London, Jean-Yves works for Mozilla. He created his first Web site in 1995; he started to document and advocate Web technologies in 2010, first as a technical writer, then as the MDN Content Lead. He is now a Senior Program Manager, doing developer outreach.


Tomorrow’s JavaScript debugger

These days, Mozilla is rewriting Firefox's devtools using a new and shiny technology stack. Anyone can join easily - the code is on Github, and it's just a matter of 2 commands in your terminal to get a local debugger running and pushing your innovative code!

By the end of this talk you will have the tools to get into hacking on Firefox's debugger. I will talk architecture and processes, to make you feel comfortable to become a contributor to a world class open source project.

Amit Zur: Freelance frontend developer with passion for happiness in code and design. Key interests include UX, DX, productivity and education. He’s ( a strong believer in community, and organizes Goodness Squad, where developers contribute to open source.