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Next Frontend Developers meetup:

• Doors open at 18:30

• As usual we start with soft drinks, beer and pizza

• Event contains talks, discussions and networking


"Designing for VR" by Thomas Gläser ( and Xaver Loeffelholz von Colberg (

Virtual Reality is everywhere in the latest tech news. After 6 Mio. Google Cardboards sold and other big players like Facebook, Oculus, HTC Vive and Sony jumping into the ring of VR, there is quite a hype around it. Virtual Reality will influence our work fundamentally for the next years. We already see the first wave of great games and 360 movies, but what does it take to design for this new and exciting medium? What kind of requirements do we have to meet? What kind of best practices do already exist? And how can you create interactive prototypes for VR? Thomas Gläser and Xaver Löffelholz are Designers for the VR tool CoSpaces (, will give you an overview of current best practices and a glimpse of the future.

"GraphQL, a better approach than REST?" by Robert Hostlowsky (

Facebook uses GraphQL to power their apps and web sites. They are open source. So what is it in detail? How does it work? How could it solve typical problems we have with REST. One of the goals was to improve maintainability, provide higher flexibility for e.g. supporting many different client-versions, and provide rich developer support. At Facebook it is used heavily, and there are quite interesting features on there road-map… Should I already use GraphQL now? How can I integrate or migrate to this technology?

"Code quality tools for web developers" by Ekaterina Prigara (

While you can still write great code in a plain text editor, there exists a wide range of tools that can really help you to ensure high quality of your code. In this talk I’ll give an overview of popular tools like ESLint or JSHint which check your JavaScript code for possible errors and code style issues. We’ll see how these tools can be set up, used in text editors, configured as part of a build process and what an IDE like WebStorm can bring to the table.

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