May Meetup: F# and F*

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Munich Lambda is back to deliver a first-class Lambda experience right to your door!

We're happy to announce our May Meetup, featuring Robert and Lars on the interesting subjects!

Robert Kuzelj: Bringing Higher Kinded Types to Lower Rank Languages.

On how to bring higher kinded types to strongly typed languages when those languages are not strongly typed enough. This talk shows Approaches how to emulate HKTs using other language constructs.

Robert is a sucker for languages (as long as they have a GC), nerd, payment and invoicing expert

Lars Hupel: Safer functional programming with F*

F# is undoubtedly a cool programming language with a strong (static) type system. But a new star (pun intended) is on the horizon: F*, developed by Microsoft Research and Inria. It features fancy types (dependent, refined, monadic) and is designed for program verification. I'll give a quick introduction into the ideas behind the system and show some examples.

Lars is a PhD student in Munich, Germany, working in the area of theorem proving. He regularly uses Scala, Haskell, and Standard ML.

If you're interested to meet fellow hackers interested in Functional Programming, come join us on this perfect occasion to learn new things and meet some new people!

Looking forward to see you all there!

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