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March Meetup - Live music with Haskell

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Simon L.
March Meetup - Live music with Haskell


For our first meetup in 2019 we will be back at jambit for a real doozy: Alex McLean will talk about Tidal and its Haskell application.

Location: jambit GmbH

19:00 - Meet and greet with food and drinks
19:15 - Talk
20:00 - Questions and discussion
20:30 - End

Talk info:
Title: Live music with Haskell
Language: English
Speaker: Alex McLean
Abstract: Alex has been making music with Haskell for many years, mainly with his free/open source environment TidalCycles (or Tidal for short; He makes music by live coding with Tidal, most often at 'algoraves', where people dance to algorithmic music. Tidal applies pure functional reactive programming principles to represent musical pattern, providing a library of combinators for creating sequencing and transforming them in strange ways. Alex will introduce and demonstrate Tidal, and also his research work in weaving, where he uses Haskell to explore textile patterns rather than musical ones.
jambit GmbH
Erika-Mann-Str. 63 · München
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