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we have again assembled wonderful speakers and topics -
please join us and have fun together.

'Fast and furious. Slow and functional'
Anna Bulenkova
How Anna benchmarked declarative and imperative solutions in Ruby.

JRuby: the business perspective
Leif Gensert
JRuby is often portrayed as the Ruby with brilliant Garbage Collection and native threads but poor startup time and large memory overhead. But how can JRuby really help you in a project, especially when you deal with large corporations that live in the Java world.

Design Patterns - A Ruby Perspective
Mathias Huber
I'll give a digest of Russ Olsen's 2007 book "Design Patterns in Ruby". It applies 14 of the 23 "Gang of Four" patterns to Ruby and suggests 3 additional Ruby-specific patterns. In the discussion part you are invited to talk about your favourite pattern or your least favourite pattern, antipatterns, enterprise patterns, maybe why you don't like patterns ...

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