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MSITP: Let's Talk About the Weather. What's a Skeptic to Do?
Save the date! We're looking at the last Thursday of every month as our regularly scheduled broadcast. This month's topic by vote, "Climate Change: What's a Skeptic to Do?" has no speaker! We're looking for volunteers. As always, you can volunteer here, or to our Facebook group at, or just send me a message directly. What's Stammbar? A delightful place with pay-as-you go self-service beer taps and an openness to ordering in your own food from other locations in the area. What to Bring? Your good self and a willingness to listen and discuss. Need Further Info? There's a lot of data on today's topic, and an ever-increasing set of anecdotal data. This is a classic inductive argument: how much evidence and what kind of evidence should we insist on when evaluating the controversy around climate change – and what are we to make of the claim that the topic on the whole is a manufactured crisis? But more importantly: Should we change our credence that climate change is not only happening, but that it may pose a significant threat, given the weather events throughout 2017? This is actually a bit of an old topic, but the votes have it: for some competing arguments in context, bone up before the meeting with


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